Five tips to writing winning sales letters again and again

  • Posted on: 12 April 2016
  • By: Anonymous (not verified)

You have a great product, offer exceptional service but you’re having no luck getting anyone to support your business. You’ve written mediocre sales letters explaining your business but nothing is getting you the results you expect.

Before you panic and change your business model, follow these five steps when writing your next sales letter. These simple techniques can help you overcome any obstacles you may be facing. It could make the difference between poor sales and you getting more business than you can handle.

Best of all you can use these techniques over and over again. 

Step 1: Ask yourself, what does your customer really want?

Your business fills a need. It provides solutions. Don’t forget that it provides these solutions to real people with real problems. That’s why, to write an impressive sales letter you need to get into the mind of your reader.

A great sales letter encapsulates what the customer needs and explains exactly how your business can solve the problems your customers may have. So, highlight the problems your customer may be facing and show them how your business can solve those problems.

Step 2: Structure your letter to create a flow

Too many sales letters have no structure. They jump from idea to idea and never take the reader on a journey. You only have a page to tell your story so plan everything you want to say. Use the first paragraph to introduce your business. The next few paragraphs should explain the benefits and solutions you offer. Finally, your conclusion should seal the deal. Make them an offer they can’t refuse.

At the end of your sales letter you must have a strong call to action. Don’t leave your customer confused. A strong call to action could be the difference between your customer picking up the phone or tossing your letter in the bin.

Step 3: Avoid jargon and speak in a friendly tone

Your business processes might have acronyms and jargon. Your customer won’t know what these terms refer to. So, speak to your customer as though he is standing in front of you. Be friendly, warm and inviting. Use short sentences and short paragraphs. This will help your customer to read more easily.

Step 4: Be professional not pushy

Readers want to know that they can trust you. That’s why you need to send out error free letters packed with interesting information. Avoid hard, pushy sales where you can. Use your letter to sell your products and services subtly and naturally. Encourage your reader to read the entire sales letter by providing interesting information

Step 5: Gain your readers trust and address their concerns

Your sales letter must convince the reader that your business is trustworthy. You need to show them that you know what they want and designed your business for them. Show what great value you have to offer. Lure them in by showing them what you’ve done before. Don’t be afraid to include subtle testimonials from happy customers this is a great way to prove that you know what you’re doing. 

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