Three forms of communication to nourish your business

  • Posted on: 13 July 2016
  • By: The BizWrite Team


Three forms of communication to nourish your business


Keeping communication channels in your business healthy is much like keeping your body healthy. Good business communication requires wholesome interaction. All parts of the business must move in unison. The head must be strong enough to lead the arms and legs forward.

The body, your employees, must understand what to do to grow, move forward and develop into a strong and powerful force. The head of the business must give the rest of the company direction, feed them with knowledge and allow them to exercise and flex their muscles to further develop the business. 

1. Top-down communication – Driving the business processes

The heads of the business need to pass important instructions down through the ranks of the business. For example, the owner informs management, management informs employees, and employees carry out the duties.

If the flow of communication breaks while the instruction is being passed through the ranks, the ultimate outcome will not be beneficial to the business. It could result in costly errors, dissatisfied employees ad equally unhappy management.

2. Upward communication – Accepting feedback to benefit the business

Successful businesses thrive in the interaction and information it receives from its employees. That is why upward communication channels need to be clearly defined so that employees with feedback for management can deliver the information openly, clearly and without hindrance.

In many cases, the employee needs to have a clearly defined path to follow when delivering information to management. That means clear communication processes need to be in place so that the employee feels comfortable to deliver messages to seniors.

3. Parallel communications – Encouraging information flow on the same level

Every business must encourage the development and flow of ideas between those at the same level in the organisation. There needs to be a balance in place that encourages positive communication and reduces the flow of negative communication.

Employees, managers and even business owners must have the freedom to communicate effectively without hindering the progress of the business. Parallel communication is the best way to reap the full benefits of the knowledge and skills contained in the ranks of your business.

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